A Mental Health Reminder from Maile Lei, Ambassador for Children’s Mental Health

ml good day scoobsWhat makes it a “good day” for you?  Even with all the vagaries of living with mental illness, you can have a quality of life and deserve good days.

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Heidi D. Hansen, M.A., is a mental health therapist who specializes in childhood trauma, children’s personality development, depression, anxiety, dissociation.  Her services are offered on a sliding fee scale and major credit cards are accepted through this Paypal button.  Call her at (360) 842-3479 to talk about how your mental health needs can be met. Thanks, and be well!bizcardpic


A Personal Story from Healing Jaguar

jaguar photoHello,
One day as I was walking, the arthritis in my hips and knees gave me the sensation of walking on joints that were nothing more than a jangly zip-lock bag of spare nuts and bolts. I was stiff and dizzy and rather afraid to cross a busy road like that, so I turned around and went home.
I meditated on my fear, and my mobility problems, pain and those loose nuts and bolts and how my world was becoming smaller by the day because of it.
An image came to my mind, of a tall zen rock sculpture. Smooth stones of a variety of shapes and sizes, stacked high and precarious but standing nonetheless in the middle of a cooling river.
I created a meditation bubble of that image, and from then on, when I walk, I do a walking meditation imagining my wobbly joints as a stack of zen river stones, and use mantras as I breath and walk made of words such as “fluid, flexible balance,” and “strength in the balance of the bones.”
Now, I have regained my peaceful confidence in walking across busy roads and elsewhere, and my world is more expansive.
This is the kind gift of meditation. It may not change the nature of the problem itself, but change our posture towards it in a creative, effective way.
I want you to have access to that too, and if my Healing Jaguar meditation classes, coaching and counseling can be helpful, please give me a call. And visit the free meditation and mental health help available at my blog, http://www.heidihansenadvocacy.wordpress.com. Thanks, and be well!

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Heidi D. Hansen, M.A. has been a practicing child, trauma, and adult therapist since 1991. Her expertise is in post-trauma stress, dissociation, depression and anixety. Her fees are offered on a sliding scale and major credit cards are accepted. Ph: (360) 842-3479.

Got Food? Community Food Bank at my Apartments is Open for donations!

got food pic

The residents of the apartments where I live have set up a Community Food Bank available to all the residents here, of all ages.  Remember we have lots of children here who do not have their regular school-based breakfasts and lunches.  This Community Food Bank is set up in the community room in the nice new refrigerator there, so fresh items can be nicely stored.  Please email me at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com to arrange the details, and thanks so much! — Heidi Hansen

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Maile Lei’s Mental Health Reminder for Today

ML reminder self -carePracticing self-care, practicing comfort and soothing is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  For children, it is not a chore, it is a life-skill.  What does self-care mean for you?

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In Your Hour of Despair….

despair extraordinaryWhat’s your “extraordinary?”

Living with mental illness makes the simplest of things complicated.  Go slow.  Wait.  Do one thing that is your definition of sucess, then wait.  Know that you can start your day over again at any time if thing don’t go well.

Remember that you have a right to a life too, just like everybody else.  Search for those meaningful acts, those strong decisions, and self-care, that gives you a quality of life.

And reflect on what your “extraordinary” means today.

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For Heidi Hansen’s advocacy services, or to purchase this or any other mental health poster of her’s, use this Paypal button and email Heidi at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com to discuss where to mail it to.  Each mental health poster on this blog is $19.99 plus $4.oo for shipping, and Heidi provides discounts for bulk orders.  Thanks!

“Raise Up Your Community” — a special sale of Heidi’s original art at special prices when you donate half the price to a local community resource of your choice.

beavercreek - Copy

“Playing at Beaver Creek,” a 22″ x 28″ acrylic on heavy watercolor paper, painted by Heidi Hansen after a fun summer day at Beaver Creek, Vancouver, Washington.  Price for this original painting is $100.00, if you donate half of that price ($50.00) to a local resource or charity in your community.  You may use the Paypal button here to pay Heidi her $50.00, and email her at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com to arrange the shipping.  Thank you for raising up your community!
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