Introducing Maile Lei, Ambassador For Children’s Mental Health

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ML Ambassador mural

Maile Lei is making his formal entry into the professional world as Ambassador For Children’s Mental Health.


Please enjoy this comforting meditation video for children, starring illustrations of Maile Lei and his buddy Storm The Rescue Cat.

What’s up next from Maile Lei’s Counseling Work Studio?

His new video and book for children, “It’s Hard To Be Good,” wherein Maile Lei shows us in painted illustrations how he has a hard time following the rules, but finds an inner core of self-esteem and self-respect through focus on his true gifts and sense of self.


There is a companion coloring book and sing-able song from Maile Lei, to go with the video!

To order your own copy of this video, coloring book, or color – print book, contact Heidi D. Hansen, M.A., Mental Health Advocate and artist-author at and use the PayPal buttons here to pay.



“It’s Hard To Be Good” video — $39.99

“It’s Hard To Be Good” coloring book, $8.99

“It’s Hard To Be Good” color-print book, $19.99.

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P.S.  Maile Lei and Storm have a just-for-fun comics just about them and their family life, called, “Fur Family,” and these comics and more fun dog-cat cool stuff can be found at their site .
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All Maile Lei materials as logo, slogans, illustrations and text, video and music are by Heidi D. Hansen, M.A. and copyrighted (2015-2017) to her.  Reproduction and use prohibited without purchase and user agreement.  Thank you!