Senate Health Care Bill released on 6/22 — link to full text of the Bill, and Who to Contact With Your Opinion

Red it for yourself — the above link shows the full text of today’s unveiled Senate Health Care Bill.

This bill discriminates against the poor, the aging, the disabled, and only add to the risk of mentally ill persons hurting self/others,
or in such a state of constant crisis that ED’s become the defacto
counseling centers, and emergency prescriptions and all that ripples
out from that damage innocent, sick and fragile people.  How many
people are in jail right now with their names on the current wait-list
for counseling/meds?  With these track records, the 2 mental health
centers in Clark County will not attract quality counselors.  Another
serious problem– he competency of the counseling hires.  This is
really serious.  This is why I am opening up The Healing Jaguar — we
have to innovate our mental health services here, it is morally wrong
to turn away and do nothing.

in District 17, contact:

Washington State Senator Lynda Wilson

(360) 786-7632

110 Newhouse Building
PO Box 40417
Olympia, WA 98504



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