Got Food? Community Food Bank at my Apartments is Open for donations!

got food pic

The residents of the apartments where I live have set up a Community Food Bank available to all the residents here, of all ages.  Remember we have lots of children here who do not have their regular school-based breakfasts and lunches.  This Community Food Bank is set up in the community room in the nice new refrigerator there, so fresh items can be nicely stored.  Please email me at to arrange the details, and thanks so much! — Heidi Hansen

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Maile Lei’s Mental Health Reminder for Today

ML reminder self -carePracticing self-care, practicing comfort and soothing is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  For children, it is not a chore, it is a life-skill.  What does self-care mean for you?

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In Your Hour of Despair….

despair extraordinaryWhat’s your “extraordinary?”

Living with mental illness makes the simplest of things complicated.  Go slow.  Wait.  Do one thing that is your definition of sucess, then wait.  Know that you can start your day over again at any time if thing don’t go well.

Remember that you have a right to a life too, just like everybody else.  Search for those meaningful acts, those strong decisions, and self-care, that gives you a quality of life.

And reflect on what your “extraordinary” means today.

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For Heidi Hansen’s advocacy services, or to purchase this or any other mental health poster of her’s, use this Paypal button and email Heidi at to discuss where to mail it to.  Each mental health poster on this blog is $19.99 plus $4.oo for shipping, and Heidi provides discounts for bulk orders.  Thanks!

“Raise Up Your Community” — a special sale of Heidi’s original art at special prices when you donate half the price to a local community resource of your choice.

beavercreek - Copy

“Playing at Beaver Creek,” a 22″ x 28″ acrylic on heavy watercolor paper, painted by Heidi Hansen after a fun summer day at Beaver Creek, Vancouver, Washington.  Price for this original painting is $100.00, if you donate half of that price ($50.00) to a local resource or charity in your community.  You may use the Paypal button here to pay Heidi her $50.00, and email her at to arrange the shipping.  Thank you for raising up your community!
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Senate Health Care Bill released on 6/22 — link to full text of the Bill, and Who to Contact With Your Opinion

Red it for yourself — the above link shows the full text of today’s unveiled Senate Health Care Bill.

This bill discriminates against the poor, the aging, the disabled, and only add to the risk of mentally ill persons hurting self/others,
or in such a state of constant crisis that ED’s become the defacto
counseling centers, and emergency prescriptions and all that ripples
out from that damage innocent, sick and fragile people.  How many
people are in jail right now with their names on the current wait-list
for counseling/meds?  With these track records, the 2 mental health
centers in Clark County will not attract quality counselors.  Another
serious problem– he competency of the counseling hires.  This is
really serious.  This is why I am opening up The Healing Jaguar — we
have to innovate our mental health services here, it is morally wrong
to turn away and do nothing.

in District 17, contact:

Washington State Senator Lynda Wilson

(360) 786-7632

110 Newhouse Building
PO Box 40417
Olympia, WA 98504


The Healing Jaguar Counseling & Meditation Studio

jaguar-panthera-onca-snarling-three-brothers-river-meeting-of-the-waters-state-park-pantanal-wetlands-brazil,125285[1]July 1, 2017 is the grand opening of The Healing Jaguar, my counseling and meditation studio in Vancouver, Washington.

We focus on a person’s inner strengths and learn cognitive – behavioral and meditation techniques to heal anxiety, depression, post-trauma stress and establish a better quality of life living with mental illness. We talk, use art and music as work tools.

Contact Heidi D. Hanse, M.A. at for the details or to set up your own time at The Healing Jaguar.  You may use the Paypal button here to pay for Heidi’s services

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