Join the “Big Heart, Big Mind, Big Acts Club” for kids from Maile Lei!


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Maile Lei is the new Ambassador for Children’s Mental Health and helps Heidi Hansen, M.A. advocate for and help children and adults with their mental health.

The new “Big Heart, Big Mind, Big Acts Club” is a low-cost club for children who want to learn more about, and get fun coaching to, improve their mental health.

Every member will receive a printed copy of the club manual, which is a collection of guided color-pages to learn cognitive-behavioral coping skills for emotional and behavioral and social needs.  Heidi Hansen will help each child and their parents (but mostly the child) make daily and weekly goals using these skills in a rather fun but academic learning style.  (No pressure, stress, or vulnerability.  No deep talk about personal things, but an active way for children to become more informed about the importance of good mental health and how to get that, maintain that, and grow with it.

Email, phone and in-person (Vancouver, WA) coaching sessions are available to suit the needs of the child club member and his or her parents, and artistic expression will be encouraged as a means of owning these cognitive-behavioral skills.

One month of club membership is $60.00, and includes the Big Heart, Big Mind, Big Acts manual and two coaching sessions a week (25 minutes each session).

Contact Heidi D. Hansen, M.A., at for more information, and use the Paypal buttons here to make a safe-secure payment.  Thanks!  And thank you, Maile Lei for your big, big heart and acts to help kids feel better!
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