Introducing Maile Lei, Ambassador For Children’s Mental Health

ML Ambassador mural

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Hello, my name is Maile Lei, I am a Wire Terrior and 16 months old, so I understand how it is to be little.


My Mom is Heidi Hansen, M.A., a Mental Health Advocate and retired children’s therapist.  I am working with her now, right by her side, to help kids feel better.  Helping kids makes me happy.


See?  I made you a meditation video — for comfort, and to feel calm and giving you words to say to help yourself feel better.  Words change things, especially if you breathe in and out really deeply and slowly while you say them, and this video will help you do that!

Soon, real soon, I’ll be sharing with you my brand-new video and coloring book, “It’s hard to be good.” And, I know how  hard it can be to always follow the rules and do what I’m supposed to do! Whew!


But my Mom is pretty nice and very patient and taught me how, and so I can help you too, with something called ‘self-respect,’ and ‘self-esteem,’ and building a sense of self.’  It’s about focusing on our own unique gifts and finding a purpose for your talents.


That’s all in my upcoming video and book, “It’s Hard To Be Good.”


You can buy these things, too, for your own use at home or if you are a counselor, use tem with those you see in your office.


This Paypal button is the magic portal to buy from Heidi Hansen, M.A., and you can reach her at  Also, just for fun, see me and my big sister Storm in my own comic strips at .


Thank you!  And have a joyful day! — Maile Lei, Counselor Pup for Kids
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Maile Lei logo/slogans, art, text, music, is copyrighted to Heidi Hansen, M.A. (2015-2017) and reproduction and se is prohibited without purchase and user agreement.  Thank you!


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