One New York City Block: A Panel Mural in Progress to Better Understand DID

Someone I know, who struggles with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and all the Selves that want to be heard and seen and also stay hidden and invisible, had a dream one night.

And again another night.  This dream kept coming back to her.  It was comforting, enveloping in its richness and warmth and welcoming nature.

She said the dream was that she was walking along one block, one segment of a New York City street, where there were shops that met her every need and want.  A shop for everything she needed, that all of her Selves needed to feel safe and loved and embraced and nourished.  Emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically.

So, with her permission, I’ve set about painting a panel mural that visually represents her dream about what it was like on that one New York City block where she felt she could live, really be alive, — something she cannot fully do in waking life.

(click on the Paypal button below if you would like to donate a bit towards supplies for this project, and my low-income/free advocacy service in general.  Or, use this button to purchase a meditation print.  For details, email me at, or call (360) 892-5218. Thanks!) 


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This portion of my blog space will show the making of this panel mural in its progress.

The beginning sketches, on a countertop panel 12′ X  20″, mixed media:

“One New York City Block” mural and writing is copyrighted to HeidiDHansenc2017.  Donations to help this project along (Paint, supplies, advertising overhead, etc.) are welcome and can be made via  Contact Heidi for details at (360) 892-5218, or email at Thanks!


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