Is Meditation Right for You?

Wondering if meditation and contemplative practice can be of value in your health journey?  In your business organization? For your clientele?
Contemplative practice can help a person recover from both physical and mental maladies, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, focused thinking, coping, self-esteem, and fatigue.  My name is Heidi Hansen and as a retired mental health therapist, now Mental Health Advocate, I can help your physical therapy company develop these tools as part of an integrative health package.relax restore reinvent
Meditation, mindfulness, and quality of life are focus areas of my writing, outreach, and artwork.  Here are a few brief notes on meditation.BREATHING MANTRAS — CALL and RESPONSE

Hartbeat slow steady strong
Deep, slow breathing in on the call phrase, exhale completely on the response.  Exhaling completely is vitally important to get out the low fog of co2 often left behind at the bottom of our lungs.
Getting into a rythm of breathing using a basic call-response patterns is more effective than counting.  Here are a few suggested rythmic mantras that also have reflective, inspirational value:
“Inhale peace, exhale joy”
“I am who I say I am, not who you say I am”  (the ‘you’ can be a person, an event, a challenge, a stress).
“May I be __________________ (happy, forgiving, a good friend, confident, full and content, brave with my pain, etc…)
poster inhale peace exhale joy
—Contact me for a packet of meditation pocket art reminders and mantras and larger room posters with meditative art.   Credit cards accepted via Paypal, and you can pick and choose the pieces and sizes that you like best.
….and carry it with you like a collage crab, or snail, mentally.  The shell is your invisible place of peace.
— this can be a sitting space, meditation space, creative space, resting space, study space, or as small as a yin yang rock bowl on your bedside table. Something set apart from the regular context.222792_503384659712931_1746433728_n-copy-2-copy
— Use it often enough, and with enough respect and safe boundaries, so that you can access it often through the day regardless of where you are, whom you are with, or what you are facing.
—  Access the clinical research centers that study how both brain hemispheres, and the neuron grid that connects them, are able to function more intently together through meditation.
Mind & Life Institute        
Center For Mind and Brain, University of California, Davis
Center for Contemplative Studies, WCU
—  Use biofeedback, such as a portable digital blood pressure monitor, to record “hard” data on how meditation helps you in your health goals.
—  Meditation is an area of focus for non-medicated pain management.
Expansive thoughts breathing
— Meditation and contemplative practice isn’t something you can turn on and off at scheduled times and expect intentional and long-lasting change.  Your meditative practice can become deep and rich so that you, in effect, become the meditation.  You bring it to other persons and tasks and contexts, business and social and familial, congruent in such a way that your contemplative practice is part of your character, your core behaviors, communication and leadership.
Heidi D. Hansen, M.A., is a mental health advocate and meditation coach, freelance writer-artist in Vancouver, Washington.  Call (360) 892-5218 to discuss possibilities.
Thank you!payment-icon

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