A Letter to Children: You Have A Say

Dear children —
Hi, I’m Heidi hansen, a counselor for kids and this is Maile lei, a counselor helper pup in training. A Mental Health Ambassador for Kids!bizcardpic
Maile Lei is only one year old, it is still so hard for him to be good!
Oh, my it’s so hard to be good all the time. He has learned a lot and he knows the rules and what is expected, but sometimes he just would rather not.slide8
And it’s so hard for kids to follow the rules and expectations too, I think, don’t you?
Well, my job is to help kids do that because of two things:
You have a lot of say in who you are
you have a lot of say about your day.slide16
You can’t always control what happens around you, but you can control your approach to it, your sense of hope and humor, how you take good care of your feelings and your self.
It’s had to do everything right in school, but do you know that your main school classroom is on your inside — you can learn new things every day just because it’s your passion for that subject or that hobby or that talent.
And the more you put your energy into those inside things that are uniquely you,
you’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll feel like you have more of a self.
Remember, only you own your Self.  Wow!  What fun! What mystery! What adventure!
And, the more independence and responsibility, trust and respect you’ll get from others.
So, how will you be your best self today?
How will you make your day count?
Think about what you want the most not what you fear.
What do you want to do in the future for a job, and how will you spend your money you earn from that job?
What do you want to do with the freedom you get with all the positive power you can use?
What can you read to learn about other people and places you’d like to know and visit?
What can you write and draw to find out more about yourself?
How can you take good care of your body so you feel confident and strong?
Today, make your day count for yourself, in both small and big ways.  Because you and your day really do count.
Well, as you think and do those things today, Maile Lei will be learning and practicing those same things, too, in his own way —
so, I’ll say goodbye with Maile Lei’s walking song that I made up for him and sing it to him when he wakes up and whenever he has a task to do or going for a walk.
Maile Lei’s walking song:
“Maile Lei has a special day,
Maile Lei has a special say —
Together, together,
It’s a Maile Lei Day!”
Bye for now, see ya later!   — Heidipayment-icon

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