“I Am Who I Say I am, not Who You Say I Am.”


(above, “Old Frederick Barn,” by Heidi Hansen c2007)

Our personalities are so vulnerable to the powers of relationship, environment, events.

Our personalities are also dynamic, creative, and expansive.  Or, can be, with some insight, support, and effort.

We can tell ourselves, over and over, “I am who I say I am, not who you say I am.”

Meaning, that “you” to mean a blank space with the name of a person, an event, a place, a task, a problem, etc…That is your blank to fill in in whatever way makes sense to your goal of getting your identity back in your creative control.


(above, “Children of Creation,” by Heidi Hansen, copyright2007)

Because we are children of creation.  It is our natural state to be creative, curious, exploring and learning and becoming.  These things are hallmarks of mental health in children, and when we feel stuck or stagnant, it is time to question our depression, anxiety, sleep hygiene, and social networks.payment-icon

Thanks, and take care — Heidi D. Hansen, M.A. is available for online or in-person mental health advocacy.  Email at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com, and I can take major credit card payments via http://www.paypal.com.



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