Dear Mr. Trump: Here’s Why We Need the EPA. Love, Nativica

Dear Mr. Trump,

Leave the EPA alone.

Why do we need the Environmental Protection Agency?

Because of what you see above.

Mr. Trump, you have publically recounted the story of when you were a little boy and your father showed you the skyline of Manhattan from your viewpoint in Queen’s.  Your father told you that one day, you would change that skyline.

You did, and New York’s skyline has inspired many hearts and pens and community.

But, have you seen the skyline that a ladybug sees?  Have you seen the skyline from the vantage point of a squirrel?  How about what a salmon or trout sees on the skyline as it jumps briefly from its waters?  Have you read John Muir’s account of his view of the surrounding forest skyline as he braved out a windstorm while hugging onto the top of a Douglas Fir?

Don’t you want your young boy with that shining face to have the option of seeing the skyline offered to him from a tree fort built in a hide-away secret woodsy spot that only he knows how to find?  Read Longfellow’s “Hiawatha.”

The native plant, wildlife and ecosystem art shown above represents the pacific north west skyline I saw when I illustrated over 500 of these species native to this area.   I call my body of work “Nativica,”  because it is a place.  Not just paint and ink and paper and pretty and interesting shapes, but a place to visit and find one’s Self among the mosses and ferns and lichen and trees and berries and birds and worms and even a newly thriving wolf pack (huge comeback story, really terrific!  High drama!).  Our pacific northwest native environment has its own unique history and stories to tell and skylines to view from many perspectives..

This is why we need the Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Trump.  So little kids and old ladies and warm – hearted vagabonds can see skylines of branches and bulbs and leaves and petals in a full color palette and create a richer, fuller world from the experience.

Are you brave enough to travel out of your grayscale cement and steel skyline and risk nature’s elements to protect ours?

The EPA will.  Don’t stomp your carbon footprint on the EPA. We need it.

Love from,


Heidi D. Hansen is the author and illustrator of all Nativica  art and writing.  These are copyrighted works (cheididhansen1994-2017)and reproduction is prohibited without my permission.  Contact me at email or phone (360) 842-3479. Thank you!



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