A Note from Nativica: The First To Bloom In Spring

swanwithfairyslipperJanuary, 2017
Our native North West orchid, calypso Bulbosa, or Fairyslipper, is often the first flower to bloom in spring but we usually miss it.  Why?  It’s very tiny, and grows near the roots of Doug Firs and evergreen ferns with their mosses nearby.  And, this sweetie blooms so early that it may be hidden by lingering snow drifts.  Tiny, but resilient!  Can you find one?  Take a woodswalk and tell me if you do.  In the artwork above, you see our native NW Trumpeter Swan, which have made a strong comeback over the last 15 years, and our NW Snowberry which last on their branches all winter as food for birds.
For an art woodswalk through Spring unfolding, via
my NW Native Plant art collection, visit Nativica
at my website, http://www.hhansenma.wordpress.com.
Using and respecting native NW plants can have
many benefits against climate change effects. Write
me with your questions, and if this is useful to you,
I will happily accept a $5.00 donation through http://www.paypal.com and give you

some native plant art (digital) of your choice.  Enjoy! — Heidi D. Hansen c2017January, 2017



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