Old Photos, Bad Dreams, and The Wisdom Quilt

Trauma changes us, but we get to say how.

Trauma sticks in our memories like old snapshots that have melted into plastic album sheaths. Trauma assaults our sleep with swirls of fear in non-sensible and panicked nightmares.

Learning to allow comfort to comfort us can be a steep challenge. Let’s start by imagining the simple comfort of a cozy quilt. A quilt made of patches and scraps of those lingering photos and bad dreams that have, over time, become your great wisdom.

This quilt can morph and evolve as you choose. You are the creator of this quilt. You can be as innovative, wild and expressive, or ordered and precise as you wish. The shapes of the pieces are up to you, and how permanently they are sewn in is yours.

In your imagination, you can hang your quilt up as a piece of art on display in a favorite room. You can wrap up in it and daydream about better times ahead. Or you can cuddle up with it in bed and sleep well, held in your wisdom.

In our times of despair, we can choose to act out our trauma or do something extraordinary with it.

The bits and pieces of wisdom you have earned through your trauma is something you own. You can use it as a special, quiet inner power and peace or a loud vocal and brazen change – maker. And, for sure, a grace for others who struggle.

My name is Heidi Hansen, and I am a mental health advocate and resource for you at a sliding fee scale. This includes help with service dogs!

Words change things, and hope works. I have seen it many times over, and can do it for you. You can reach me at (360) 842 – 3479, email me at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com, and visit my website which is full of help and beauty. Take care! — Heidi (c2016)



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