Save The Advocate! And Your Taxes!

Hey there, good peoples —

This is Heidi Hansen, your passionate Vancouver-Portland Mental Health Advocate.

Because I offer this really focused and energetic service at a sliding fee scale, and offer children my service for free, I have no time nor space for false pride.

If you can, — and I’ll provide the paperwork you need to make it a tax deduction for your 2016 tax returns — can you make a donation of cash or office supplies?

Here’s a list of the kinds of things I could make good use of:

— Cash (via online donation, secure and confidential and very efficient) for internet, website, computer, phone, printing, postage stamps, paper, electricity, etc.).

— Group meeting work tables and chairs

— Flatbed scanner

— Color printer with loads of ink and heavy stock paper

— New sketchbooks, spiral notebooks and ball point pens for clients who need them

— other office set up equipment and utilitarian furniture you might have tucked in your garage.

Thank you so much, in advance, and remember —

when you donate here, you can get all the free digital art by Heidi that you request!

Call me at (360) 842-3479, or email me at to talk about it.

— Heidi Hansen




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