What’s This? A Mental Health Advocate?

Not feeling well is a bum time to figure out why or how you are not quite getting the full or clear help you need and want and deserve.

And I am here to tell you that yes, you deserve clear, direct, full service for your mental health needs and all the side issues that come with that, like housing, employment, justice, discrimination, education, transportation, recreation, laws and liberties, etc…

Would you allow a cancer patient, someone in diabetic shock, or a person in chronic pain or paralysis to sit and take bad treatment from the system of providers who get paid to deliver well?


And I don’t let persons with invisible disabilities do, either.  I don’t let persons suffering from mental illness to get pushed around, sidestepped, ignored, or maligned by those who get paid to deliver competent, respectful, forward – focused and energetic, ethical service.

I am practical, easy to talk to, have tons of experience, have worked in this field in the Portland-Vancouver area all my adult life, and I can help you.

I charge on a sliding fee scale, and children get their resources from me for free.  I can take credit card payments through Paypal.com, money orders or company checks.

Call me, Heidi Hansen, at (360) 842-3479 to talk about it.

And remember, never ever give up!

— Heidi D. Hansen, M.A.  (retired child and family therapist with over 13 years of public and private service in Oregon, now devoted to the advocacy of persons of invisible disability).




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