Words Change Things

Feeling a bit helpless?  Overwhelmed? Outnumbered?  Vulnerable?

Words give you power.  Power to change your perspective, power to change your level of confidence, power to identify the focus point of change.

Words can motivate others, calm others, distract others, pursuade others.

Words are a good strategy for just about any situation, and an excellent place to start when you are feeling low.

Keep a list of words nearby.  Words that you can walk to, saying them with each step.  Words that you can breathe to, saying them with each breath.  Words that set boundaries between you and someone else. Words that raise your standards for how others treat you.  Words that remind you of what you want, rather than what you fear.

Call me, Heidi Hansen, at (360) 842-3479 or email me at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com to talk about how I can help make your situation bettter.

Thanks, and remember, never ever give up! — Heidi



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