Save The Advocate! And Your Taxes!

Hey there, good peoples —

This is Heidi Hansen, your passionate Vancouver-Portland Mental Health Advocate.

Because I offer this really focused and energetic service at a sliding fee scale, and offer children my service for free, I have no time nor space for false pride.

If you can, — and I’ll provide the paperwork you need to make it a tax deduction for your 2016 tax returns — can you make a donation of cash or office supplies?

Here’s a list of the kinds of things I could make good use of:

— Cash (via online donation, secure and confidential and very efficient) for internet, website, computer, phone, printing, postage stamps, paper, electricity, etc.).

— Group meeting work tables and chairs

— Flatbed scanner

— Color printer with loads of ink and heavy stock paper

— New sketchbooks, spiral notebooks and ball point pens for clients who need them

— other office set up equipment and utilitarian furniture you might have tucked in your garage.

Thank you so much, in advance, and remember —

when you donate here, you can get all the free digital art by Heidi that you request!

Call me at (360) 842-3479, or email me at to talk about it.

— Heidi Hansen




Women Who Write Their Way Out

This is an open invitation to women of all ages and situations to join a new writing club called, “Women Who Write Their Way Out.”

We will meet each Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., starting this coming Saturday, December 3, 2016, in Fisher’s Landing, Vancouver, WA 98683.

This is free and all are welcome.  Free wifi and coffee is provided. Bring your writing gear — perhaps a spiral notebook, laptop or sketchbook, journal, tablet — whatever you use to write freely and creatively.

We will meet for 90 minutes and talk about writing as the group wishes, but mostly, we write!  What each member writes is up to her.  Sharing or asking for feedback is optional and entirely safe.

The overall purpose of meeting together is to give each other support and courage to use the written word to overcome their adversity and challenges, and this includes writing fiction, poetry, plays, songs and song lyrics as well as non-fiction or personal journaling and letter-writing.

Please call me, Heidi Hansen, at (360) 842-3479, or email me at to sign up (free of charge) and get the location details.

Thank you, and I do so look forward to meeting you and writing alongside you each Saturday morning!



Do you need an advocate for…?

Hey there!  This is Heidi and it’s so good to meet you!

We all could use a little objective, passionate – about – mental health, advocate in our shirt pocket.

That would be me!

I’ve spent over 13 years in both public and private practice mental health as a child, adolescent and family therapist and have learned a few things along the way that can help you get more of what you need and want in the mental health system in Washington and Oregon.

This includes areas attached to mental health such as:

— Protection, needs and rights of children

— Education, literacy, options to vocations

— Affordable Housing

— Barriers to employment

— Social justice

— Juvenile Justice

— Equality for invisible disability

— Food deserts and insecurity

— Addictions and recovery

— Gun violence prevention and laws

— Environmental impact

— Service dogs

— Domestic violence

— Domestic violence laws

— Discrimination based on mental illness

— LGBTQ Community

— Representative Payee problems

— Seniors and aging needs, rights, protection

— Medicines for mental illness

— Getting the care and treatment you really need

— Getting services usually not advertised; such as, gym and hobby supply grants, women in business grants, continuing education/training, getting and using a computer and the internet, transportation.

Any of these ring a bell for you or someone you love or care for?

Give me a call and let’s see what can be done to improve the situation.

I offer a sliding fee scale and children get their resources for free.

I can accept credit card payments through or money orders or company checks.

Call me at (360) 842-3479, or email me at

I also do a lot of freelance art and writing, and you’ll find a great sample of all that at my other website,

Thanks!  And remember, never ever ever give up!

–Heidi D. Hansen, M.A.





Getting Your Thoughts Into A Pace

of seeing things through.  Learn to think in waltz time.  By that, I mean a 4/4 count rythym.  Just like you’d want when speaking outside of yourself to others, a 4/4 beat and pace to your words and sentences on the inside of your mind will get your heart rate and breathing into a measured pace that will sustain you well through the long haul.

Call me, Heidi Hansen, at (360) 842-3479,  or email at for coaching on meditation and stress management skills. I use a sliding fee scale, accept major credit card payments via and am happy to work with you on the phone, over email, or in person in Vancouver, Washington.

Want Free Motivational Art?

Just choose a motivational art piece you see here on this site — I made them, so I get to give ’em away — and email me at and I’ll email it to you with permission to use it for personal email or desktop printing.

Thanks for being here, and remember, the more you tell me what you like about this site, the more of it you’ll get from me! — Heidi  (360) 842-3479.

What’s This? A Mental Health Advocate?

Not feeling well is a bum time to figure out why or how you are not quite getting the full or clear help you need and want and deserve.

And I am here to tell you that yes, you deserve clear, direct, full service for your mental health needs and all the side issues that come with that, like housing, employment, justice, discrimination, education, transportation, recreation, laws and liberties, etc…

Would you allow a cancer patient, someone in diabetic shock, or a person in chronic pain or paralysis to sit and take bad treatment from the system of providers who get paid to deliver well?


And I don’t let persons with invisible disabilities do, either.  I don’t let persons suffering from mental illness to get pushed around, sidestepped, ignored, or maligned by those who get paid to deliver competent, respectful, forward – focused and energetic, ethical service.

I am practical, easy to talk to, have tons of experience, have worked in this field in the Portland-Vancouver area all my adult life, and I can help you.

I charge on a sliding fee scale, and children get their resources from me for free.  I can take credit card payments through, money orders or company checks.

Call me, Heidi Hansen, at (360) 842-3479 to talk about it.

And remember, never ever give up!

— Heidi D. Hansen, M.A.  (retired child and family therapist with over 13 years of public and private service in Oregon, now devoted to the advocacy of persons of invisible disability).



Words Change Things

Feeling a bit helpless?  Overwhelmed? Outnumbered?  Vulnerable?

Words give you power.  Power to change your perspective, power to change your level of confidence, power to identify the focus point of change.

Words can motivate others, calm others, distract others, pursuade others.

Words are a good strategy for just about any situation, and an excellent place to start when you are feeling low.

Keep a list of words nearby.  Words that you can walk to, saying them with each step.  Words that you can breathe to, saying them with each breath.  Words that set boundaries between you and someone else. Words that raise your standards for how others treat you.  Words that remind you of what you want, rather than what you fear.

Call me, Heidi Hansen, at (360) 842-3479 or email me at to talk about how I can help make your situation bettter.

Thanks, and remember, never ever give up! — Heidi